Bayern Munich vs Manchester City: second half match report

Following an end-to-end spectacular first half, the Blues lead Bayern Munich 0-1.

With a myriad of changes, can Manchester City hold their lead after the opposition keep knocking?

Changes ahead of the second half include: Cancelo, Bobb, Haaland, Foden, Rodri (C), Laporte, Phillips, Gomez.

The opposition has made 11 changes.

47′: All City possession thus far as they press to double the lead. Bernado threads a ball into the box but it is only picked up by the Bayern keeper.

48′: Foden and Gomez link well down the right, though Phillips is caught on his heels and Bayern pinch the ball back for a spell of possession of their own.

50′: A long ball to Mane who looks to be through on goal. However, Ederson comes flying out close to the halfway line and beats his former nemesis to the ball.

52′: Cancelo wins a corner. A deep ball swung in by Foden and Akanji gets his shot off. Easily saved.

57′: CLOSE! Manchester City come close to a second as Bernardo drags a ball back across the goal which is deflected into Rodri’s path. The skipper takes a shot but is unable to convert.

60′: Foul won by Foden. The free-kick is taken quicky in the City half which allows them to get forward through Bernardo. He loses the ball and commits a foul in order to win it back. The Bayern free-kick ends up back with City. The Blues are in control.

62′: Haaland and Foden linking well again, a sign of things to come. They’re tussling with the ball in the Bayern box but it’s cleared.

68′: BREAK! The game is paused for a water break.

71′: Substitution: Bernardo makes way for Perrone.

72′: The Blues are out of position as Bayern try to break forward but City react quickly and thwart any danger.

The international City fans show us their rendition of Blue Moon – lovely stuff.

76′: Perrone starts off a City attack confidently and goes on to win the ball back following a run into the Bayern defence by Bobb. The young Argentinian showing masses of confidence on the ball and linking up the play. He goes again with a lovely ball through the middle to Haaland but he can’t control it.

65049 fans have turned up for the friendly between these European giants.

79′: A Laporte long-range ball toward the runs of Haaland and Perrone, it reaches Perrone though he’s unable to control the pass.

81′: GOAL! As it looks to be all City, Bayern Munich hit the Blues quick counter down the right, as the ball comes in Ederson saves, parries it back into the box and Mathys Tel equalises for the opposition.

Bayern Munich 1 – 1 Manchester City.

83′: CHANCE! Laporte with a driving header but the Bayern keeper gets a hand to it.

86′: GOAL! Laporte gets his goal! A creative short corner. The ball finds its way to Perrone on the edge of the box who puts it into space for Foden. Foden takes a shot but sees it saved, and Laport reacts first for the rebound.

A game of The Rebound.

Bayern Munich 1 – 2 Manchester City.

Perrone is determined to impress Pep Guardiola during this second half.

89′: A deep corner taken by Foden lands in a dangerous area but is cleared by the German Champions.

90′: +3 additional minutes added on. Bayern have the chance for a late equaliser but the cross is far too deep and City have a throw in. Phillips wins a foul following the throw.

92′: The Blues enter game management mode as they toy with the ball between them.

FULL-TIME: Bayern Munich 1 – 2 Manchester City!

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