Pep Guardiola has his say on VAR and the recent controversies

Pep Guardiola has had his say on VAR and the recent controversies with the system. VAR has been the talk of the football world since Liverpool was denied a goal against Spurs due to an error by the referees in charge of VAR during their recent game.

The City boss believes the system would work better if the refs and PGMOL took a step back and let the players be the stars of the game. He believes if the game and the players are allowed to shine, the VAR controversies may subside. He explained: “They will have to find a system where the main roles are the players and the game itself. In all the countries, not just here. The referees and the VARs are the leading roles. And the Oscar goes to… they have to make a step back. It’s the players. Some games, be more humble and leave the players to do what they have to do, and they will be better. They will be better.”

The errors made by VAR have become a weekly talking point so far this season. This season has seen several controversial decisions affect games. City benefitted from a controversial VAR call in their 5-1 win over Fulham. Nathan Ake’s goal just before half-time stood, despite Manuel Akanji being in an offside position.

When asked if he had any solutions for the VAR issue, Pep Guardiola refused to be drawn into such discussions saying: “No. I’m not a professional in that to apply it as best as possible. I’m not involved in that and I don’t care.”

After last weekend’s issue, all eyes this weekend will be on the performance of VAR in the upcoming round of Premier League fixtures. The subject has become a major talking point to begin the 23/24 season.

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