If Manchester City and Arsenal both bid for a player: What’s the difference?

If Manchester City and Arsenal both bid up to £90 million for a player, what’s the difference?

Nothing. Both clubs are prepared to spend their own money to bid for a player. That’s football.

But the way it’s reported, that’s a different answer entirely.

The coverage of Manchester City and Arsenal both bidding for Declan Rice is a interesting example of this.

Manchester City buying Declan Rice was seen as a bad move for football. City were stockpiling talent they didn’t need, buying players so no one else could was a common theme. World domination from City was coming.

Arsenal were seen as ambitious for trying to, and ultimately it looks like completing a deal for Rice. Making a statement of intent, showing ambition and headlines along those lines were reported.

It’s a direct contrast of two teams making the same move in the transfer market.

Yes Arsenal need to improve their squad to attempt to go one better than last season’s runners up finish. They are free to do that.

By spending what will be near enough to £200 million on Rice, Havertz and possibly Jurrien Timber they will be well on their way to having a squad that could go one better next season.

The moment Manchester City put their opening bid in for Declan Rice, it was seen as a different move all together.

Manchester City were seen to be buying players so no one else could have them, to add to their massive squad.

City only used 22 players in the Premier League last season.

So while City’s squad is full of quality and world class players, it’s one of the smaller squads in the Premier League.

A fact that’s isn’t acknowledged enough is the size of Guardiola’s squad. He prefers a smaller squad, he’s said it on multiple occasions.

But that fact doesn’t create a story.

Also the misnomer of City just buying players whatever the cost is long gone.

When the cost of Declan Rice hit £105 million, City walked away from the deal. It was above their valuation of the player.

Gone are the days of City throwing money around like the early take over days of the Abu Dhabi take over.

It was necessary back then to catch up to the big clubs.

Now it’s no longer necessary. Manchester City are a well run machine, both on and off the field.

As a club City will walk away from a deal when the cost is well above their valuation.

Alexis Sanchez, Kalidou Koulibaly, Feed, Harry Maguire, Marc Cucurella, Jorginho and now Declan Rice are examples of City walking away when the cost is to much.

City are a well run business, money isn’t spent just for the sake of it.

If City and Arsenal both spend £200 million this window, there isn’t a difference. Both teams are spending money to improve. Just the two clubs motives are different.

Manchester City want to maintain its reign of dominance, those who stand still get overtaken.

Arsenal want to overhaul the reigning champion.

That’s football, it’s been that way forever, it won’t change anytime soon.

So If Manchester City and Arsenal both bid for the same player, what’s the difference?

The answer is still nothing.

How it’s perceived is a different story entirely.

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