Will Manchester City know Pep Guardiola’s decision on his future by Christmas?

Could Manchester City know what Pep Guardiola has planned for his future by Christmas? There are doubts over Guardiola future at the club after next season. Jack Gaughan has previously reported for the Daily Mail that next season is expected to be Pep Guardiola’s final season in charge at the world champions. As it stands, no decision has been by Guardiola on his future beyond next season when his current contract expires. But a new report indicates that Manchester City want a decision by Christmas from their manager on his future.

Rob Dawson has reported for ESPN that Manchester City will ask Pep Guardiola for a final decision over his future by Christmas. Furthermore, Dawson reports that City is aware of the size of the task it will be to replace Guardiola. Dawson adds that the club will want as much time as possible to assess their options if Guardiola does decide to call time on his spell in charge of the club. Dawson further reports that City won’t rush Pep Guardiola to make a decision on his future.

Guardiola’s future will dominate the headlines until his final decision is made.

Given the stature that Pep Guardiola holds within football speculation on his future with dominate the headlines for some time. Guardiola’s future has the potential to be an unwanted distraction next season. But there is no doubt that the City manager will be fully focused on the task at hand when next season begins.

It does appear to be a reasonable request for Manchester City to want a decision Guardiola by Christmas. The club will need time to find a suitable replacement if Pep does depart the club. That will be no easy task given how pivotal Guardiola is to City’s success. But if Guardiola does decide to sign an extension he and the club can move forward together.

The reported Christmas deadline by Manchester City for Guardiola’s decision seems a fair one. It should suit both parties and allows City to plan for both scenarios depending on what Guardiola decides to do at the end of next season.

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