Despite every worst case scenario being covered Manchester City remain confident of clearing the clubs name

As the international break was the focus of the football world over the past week and a half, the ongoing saga of Manchester City and the 115 Premier League charges has been the focus of attention in some sections of the media. Until the case is finally resolved, that will likely continue to be the case for some time yet.

Football365 ran a series of articles looking at every worst-case scenario for the world champions. From expulsion from the Premier League to how the table would look without Manchester City took centre stage. Despite the coverage of the ongoing case, the treble winners remain confident of clearing the club’s name.

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In a Q&A segment on the Manchester Evening News website earlier this week, reporter Simon Bajkowski shared that City are confident of beating the 115 charges that lay at their feet. Bajkowski has said: “The club’s statement at the time said it had an “irrefutable evidence that exists in support of its position.” City are also more confident in their position than they were with UEFA. Having gone through a similar process and been absolved at the Court of Arbitration for Sport. There are always risks in going to a tribunal/court rather than settling. Which is why lots in the legal industry who can avoid court do so. How able the panel will be to sift through such serious charges could also work against City as much as it could work for them. But given their vindication over UEFA and the expected similarities between the cases, City have reason to be confident.”

The idea of Manchester City clearing their name isn’t as newsworthy as the alternative scenario.

The idea of Manchester City clearing the club’s name doesn’t generate the same interest as the alternative point of view. Since the Premier League charges were announced, there have been a plethora of articles, videos, and content devoted to the possible punishments that could come City’s way. Given the size and high profile nature of the case, this is part and parcel of the coverage. Manchester City has become the bad guy and will remain so until the case is resolved.

Another reality that has come out of the charges is that Manchester City must have ‘cheated’ to become the dominant side in English football. Many believe that Manchester City could not have toppled Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal by operating as a well-run club. However, not many have taken this into consideration during City’s rise to the top of English football. It may be a truth that the football community must come to terms with if Manchester City’s belief in overcoming the allegations is justified.

Time will tell if Manchester City beat the Premier League charges

As it stands, the waiting game will continue for a resolution on Manchester City’s case. That may not come for some time given the size and scope of the case.

But despite all of the coverage of the case, Manchester City remain confident that they will beat the case. The club believes their irrefutable evidence will show they have not broken any rules on their way to dominating English and European football. If they do clear their name, then perhaps a plethora of articles praising City may become common place. That possibility, however, appears unlikely. But if that does prove to be the case, then it’s the only way Manchester City can be covered if they are found to have not ‘financially doped’.

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