Has the possibility that Manchester City could clear their name been considered?

Premier League CEO Richard Masters revealed earlier this week that a date has been set for Manchester City to have their hearing on 115 charges for alleged breaches of the Premier League’s Financial Fairplay rules. A constant theme throughout has been the presumed guilt of the treble winners. Since the club was charged by the Premier League it has been presumed by the majority they will be found guilty.

It does pose a question has the possibility that Manchester City aren’t guilty of the charges been considered?

Stefan Borson raises the possibility that Manchester City will beat the charges

Yesterday talkSPORT featured a fantastic segment with football finance expert and former Manchester City advisor Stefan Borson. The possibility of Manchester City being found guilty was raised. If the club is found guilty of the 115 charges there is no doubt that the sanction would be severe. Relegation would almost certainly be at play as a penalty. Almost immediately after the segment talkSPORT ran with the headline which can be seen below.

While it’s a distinct possibility that could happen another key point from Stefan Borson has been overlooked. In the coverage of his wonderful interview with Simon Jordan and Jim White, another key snippet has been glossed over. Borson believes that ultimately Manchester City will be found not guilty of the charges. He went into detail saying a case of this magnitude could be almost impossible for an independent panel to prove amongst other very valid observations. The full clip can be seen below.

The possibility of Manchester City being not guilty is being overlooked

There is a very high possibility that Manchester City could be found not guilty of the charges. It has been overlooked ever since the charges were announced in February 2023. The coverage of the case has focused on the possible penalties if and when City are found guilty. As if it is a certainty that the treble winners will be found guilty. The coverage from talkSPORT of yesterday’s interview with Stefan Borson is an example of this.

But Borson did raise the possibility that the champions could be found not guilty. It is a distinct possibility as the finance expert explained on talkSPORT. It’s one that hasn’t been considered by the majority.

When the hearing takes place and a verdict is reached it does pose a question. If Manchester City are successful in clearing the club’s name what will the reaction be?

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  1. I totally agree and what was also interesting is Talk Sport completely ignored this key element of his response when reporting the interview.
    Yet more evidence of the media bias against City.
    I only hope that City go for some of these people that have slandered our club when we’re proved innocent.

  2. One could actually hear the other pundits trying to interrupt him as he was speaking. They couldn’t wait to get their tuppence in.

  3. There will be outrage by the numpties that want the outcome to be guilty with draconian penalties, and want this for ‘tribal’ reasons.
    The potential harm this could do to the PL is not calculable. The reputational damage to English football would likely impact on all clubs income streams, self generated and from TV and sponsorship distribution. This would make the attaining of FA Profitability/sustainability rules on clubs finances only achievable by cost cutting, the spectre of multiple cases and points deductions would loom. The PL would become less attractive to foreign players, which could increase the speed of the downward cycle and the EFL and lower levels could be bankrupted by the lack of funds to redistribute to them.
    The suits would keep their jobs of course, except for those who moved on to higher paid positions at organisations run by the chaps who they went to school with.

  4. Wow, this is the first time that this opinion has been put forward, this is going to be a huge call for either side.If the PL is wrong it will be deemed not fit for purpose and an independent commission will be set up to oversee the PL.

  5. I must admit it was a different take on the PL charges by Stefan, I am personally fed up with the perceived bias against City especially by people in the media who are supposed to have a neutral bias when commentating on the PL, Carragher and Jordan are so anti City it is laughable it must consume them! If we are proved innocent these characters will be in absolute meltdown!

  6. Not sure many people have read or understood the multiple charges, nor are they interested. As a layman I can imagine a scenario if I wanted to harm someone’s reputation. Just accuse him (that could be you) of murder, fraud, speeding, late alimony, antisemitism, breach of contract, etc, and I bet he will be found guilty of some charges and punishable… Here, the population is calling for crucifixion!

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