Manchester City’s Premier League case needs a resolution so everyone can move on

As the 23/24 season approaches its crescendo another topic has rumbled away incessantly in the background. Manchester City’s Premier League case and the 115 charges from the Premier League are still dominating headlines almost daily. It is natural given the scope and nature of the case that it will be a talking point until a verdict is reached. But as it rumbles away it is becoming apparent that Manchester City’s Premier League case needs a resolution so everyone and the game can move on one way or another.

It is natural for a case like Manchester City’s to take time. Given the complexities and volume of charges from the Premier League Manchester City’s case was never going to be resolved overnight. That’s an unfortunate fact of the case and the legalities involved that a resolution is still some time away.

While a verdict will be reached sometime in the near future the case needs a resolution so the game can move on. It has now become a constant talking point. Almost once or multiple times a week another point of view or opinion is shared which keeps City’s case in the spotlight. This week it was Jamie Carragher who shared his view. Speaking on the Overlap the SkySports pundit brought up the revenue made by City as a talking point. He said: “When you see Manchester City say they’re bringing in more commercial revenue than anyone in the world, that is ridiculous – that can’t be right. I’m not having a go at the club, but other fans will be like ‘Come on’. Real Madrid won 14 European Cups – you can’t bring in more revenue than them!

Carragher’s view has been commonplace since Manchester City’s charges were announced. It is not uncommon to hear or read the opinion that the world champions have ‘financially doped‘ their way to an era of success. The case needs a resolution so these points of view can either be proven false or validated. If Manchester City have bent the rules they will be punished and rightfully so. If they haven’t they deserve to have the mud removed from the club’s name.

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Speaking on SkySports Ian Wright also brought up Manchester City’s charges. The Arsenal said: “We can’t speak about City without speaking about the fact that there’s 115 charges around them. The one thing I would like more than anything else is for that to be gone from City so that you can give the team and the manager the love that they deserve. Because when you speak about them, there’s an elephant in the room. With this rivalry, you want to speak about them without saying “yeah. but”. It’s not fair on the players or the club so the sooner that’s gone the better.”

Ian Wright also brought up another valid point. Manchester City’s players and staff deserve a resolution. Their success has been earned on the pitch and it deserves to be celebrated as it should. While the 115 charges hang over City it is unlikely that they will get the flowers they deserve. It is an unfortunate by-product of a saga that has rumbled away since the charges were announced.

Manchester City’s Premier League case needs a resolution so everyone can move on. The sooner a verdict is reached the better it will be for everyone. City’s case will have its day in the near future. The sooner it comes the better it will be for the game as a whole whatever way the verdict lands.

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