Champions League hero Rodri reflects on his special goal

Rodri has become one of Manchester City’s most crucial players. Guardiola would call him “irreplaceable”.

During City’s treble winning season, he was arguably the most important figure in the side. Unrested for the majority of the season due to a lack of adequate cover while Phillips was unfit.

As the heart of the squad; the engine of the team, he ran himself into the ground for the Blues. With key goals and moments across the season, none of which beat the moment his rocket hit the back of the net in the Champions League final.

A moment that City fans, whether they admit it or not, had dreamt about for years. Seeing the Boys in Blue lift the big ears. It felt like thee moment; like it would never get any better. It had to be that season, the treble season.

The Blues don’t do things by halves, and what a journey it had been to lift that trophy. Understandably, Rodri thinks about it often.

Rodri spoke of the final, as reported by Jack Gaughan of the Daily Mail:

“I’ve watched the goal 5,000 times. In all the different languages: Spanish, English, German, Italian.

“I know what I can bring to the team and I wasn’t happy with my performance. In a final the team needs the best of you.

“I just smile about what we achieved – sometimes I feel happier for the club, for my team-mates and the team when I see everyone celebrating.”

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