Phil Foden: Time for City’s boy wonder to move into midfield

Phil Foden is Manchester City’s wonder boy. He has thrived in his Manchester City career so far. Now’s the time for Foden to move into midfield.

Ilkay Gundogan’s upcoming departure to Barcelona has Manchester City needing a replacement.

A midfielder who scores goals, steps up in key moments. Up step Phil Foden.

City’s prodigy has always been earmarked for a midfield role. He had to serve a apprenticeship first. Playing in the midfield for Pep Guardiola is a different challenge, even for the most senior midfielders.

Pep Guardiola spoke of Foden needing to learn how to play in midfield. Since bursting into the scene at City, Foden has primarily been played in wide areas while learning the craft.

Even playing out wide the skills Foden has which will see him thrive in a more central role, are there for all to see.

The range of passing, the ability to turn defenders, his ability to ghost into the box and his all round play are the skills that will see Foden thrive in a more central role.

Slowly but surely Foden has developed the traits and tactical awareness required to play in midfield.

He finally got a big chance to show that development when City needed them most.

When Kevin De Bruyne went down injured early in the UEFA Champions League Final, City needed a creative spark in midfield. Guardiola turned to Foden. The time had finally come to let Foden loose in midfield.

On the biggest stage of all, Foden thrived. Against a Inter Milan side set up to deny City space in midfield, Foden showed his talents and the ability required to thrive in the midfield.

A spellbinding turn just after City scored gave Foden the chance to put the game to bed. He left Federico Dimarco in his wake and Foden was through on goal.

The chance was saved but it was a glimpse into the magic Foden can provide in central areas.

Now with Gundogan leaving, it’s time for Foden to be unleashed in midfield. City’s boy wonder has served his apprenticeship.

The move of Foden centrally will give City another game breaker in the middle.

As an era ends with Ilkay Gundogan leaving Manchester City, the era of Phil Foden may just be beginning.

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