Jack Grealish: The treble weekend was the best weekend of my life

Jack Grealish has said that the treble securing weekend was the best weekend of his life.

Speaking exclusively to Talksport, Grealish went into detail about the three day long celebrations post the UEFA Champions League win.

“I probably had one of the most enjoyable seasons of my life. The second half of the season I played a big part in something that will go down in Manchester City history.”

Grealish also added his feelings about the treble, saying the achievement hasn’t sunk in yet.

“Last weekend was the best weekend I’ve ever had. I’m still trying to come to terms with it. I’ve been on such a high the last week.”

Jack Grealish was criticised in some sections of the media for his celebrations. England manager Gareth Southgate also had a warning for Grealish about his celebrations.

But Jack Grealish was not bothered by the criticism.

“I’d done something that comes around once in a lifetime. The last time it was done…I don’t know when Man United did it, but it hasn’t been done for ages.”

Jack went onto explain why he and City teammates celebrated so hard.

“So why not celebrate like that? Everyone was with me. I wasn’t on my own, going out with my friends. I was with the whole team.”

“We enjoyed ourselves the Saturday, Sunday, Monday. I had the best weekend of my whole life. I’d just won the Champions League and I was so emotional after it.”

Grealish was a key part of the Manchester City’s success post the December FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Grealish returned in career best form and that showed all the way through the second half of the season.

In 50 appearances last season, Jack Grealish scored 5 goals and contributed 11 assists. The stats don’t tell the full story of important Grealish was in securing the treble.

After such a historical season Jack Grealish and his Manchester City teammates were entitled to celebrate their achievements.

Grealish is now on holidays. He and his teammates will now enjoy their time off before pre season begins again in 4 weeks time.

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