Manchester City may have an issue to solve at the beginning of next season

Across this summer Manchester City has had a host of stars in action at the Copa America and Euro 24. One of those players who played a key role in their country this summer is Julian Alvarez. The City striker has helped guide Argentina to the final of the Copa America in the United States. But while Alvarez has been a key contributor for Argentina there is a potential issue to solve for Manchester City regarding Alvarez on the horizon.

Once again City’s World Cup winner had another busy season during the 23/24 season. This has continued this summer with his participation at the Copa America. He scored Argentina’s opener in their 2-nil semi-final win over Canada to book their place in the Copa America final. But following the Copa America Julian Alvarez is also set to take part in the 2024 Olympics for Argentina. Alvarez was selected in the Argentinian squad for the Paris Olympics which means he will have even more football to play. This potentially could be a problem for Manchester City.

As it stands the Gold Medal game at the Olympics is set to take place on August 10. That game will be on the same day as Manchester City take Manchester United in the Community Shield. Sam Lee has previously reported for the Athletic that Manchester City will give Alvarez two or three weeks following the Olympics. If Argentina progress to the Gold Medal game it would mean that City would start the season without their Argentinian striker. That could be an issue during the early stages of the 24/25 season for Pep Guardiola’s side.

Julian Alvarez is an important part of Manchester City’s squad and how they deal with his likely absence is something to watch for.

Last season Julian Alvarez made 54 appearances for Manchester City in all competitions. He scored 19 goals and added 13 assists in those games. He was a valuable member of Pep Guardiola’s squad and his contribution was vital to City’s success last season. How Manchester City potentially deal with his expected absence during the early stages of next season will be fascinating to watch as the champions kick off the new campaign.

It would be expected after a summer of rest that Erling Haaland will be looking to start the season with all guns blazing. That should cover the loss of Alvarez upfront at the beginning of the season. But Alvarez plays a vital role for Pep Guardiola. He can play a variety of roles and his work rate and skill are invaluable to City. How Guardiola covers that while Alvarez has some well-earned rest is something to watch for. His role could be filled by a player such as Oscar Bobb. Bobb appears ready to play more next season and the early stages of the season could be his chance to shine. The champions may also bring in players this summer. A new signing may also get an opportunity to show what they’re capable of in the absence of Alvarez. Those are just two of the many options at Guardiola’s disposal.

How Manchester City and Pep Guardiola deal with the expected absence of Julian Alvarez at the beginning of next season is a story to watch for. It could also potentially be an issue to begin the 24/25 season for the champions. While other players get the headlines Julian Alvarez is a vital player in the City squad. How they handle his absence will be one of many stories to watch for as the 24/25 season begins.

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