Manchester City’s midfield general once again points out that he needs support

As the European Championships have progressed Rodri has been one of the star performers of the tournament. His performances have helped Spain reach the semi-final of the tournament where they will face France. But in a new interview Manchester City’s midfield general has once again spoken of his heavy workload. The amount of football played by Rodri for both club and country isn’t sustainable. That fact has the potential to become a problem for Manchester City going forward.

In an interview with Sid Lowe which was published in the Guardian Rodri was asked about physical and mental toll of playing so much football. He told Sid Lowe: “There comes a moment when it all comes together and it’s too much. You need your physical condition to play but the head is important as well. People only see the game but there’s the pre-game, the preparation, the travel, the time away in the hotel, in which you’re “in” the game. Sincerely, something needs to be done. There’s more and more (games) and it looks like it isn’t about to stop. You have to take care of players. I’m very conscious of that. I reached a point where I can’t [do it] any more. But it seems like if you say so … look, I know football is a business, I know there’s a lot of money involved, but there is a point at which you have to take care of the sportsmen.

Rodri’s comments show that Manchester City’s midfield general will need support next season.

Rodri’s importance to Manchester City is well known. He is by far City’s most important player and he plays arguably the most difficult role for Pep Guardiola’s side. Due to his technical and tactical ability, he is the one player that City can’t do without. The fact that Manchester City’s only 3 losses during the 23/24 Premier League season came when Rodri was suspended further highlights this fact. But with Rodri in action this summer for Spain and a longer schedule awaiting Manchester City next season it is clear that Rodri needs quality support next season.

Manchester City’s need for support for Rodri is well documented. But with Manchester City’s midfield general suffering from such a heavy workload, it is clear he cannot keep being asked to play so often. He is human after all and at some point next season he will need to be rested. If Manchester City are to challenge on multiple fronts next season they will need Rodri at his best. The best way for Rodri to maintain his strong form is if he can be rested on occasions next season. If he keeps playing as much as he does currently eventually he will likely suffer. In turn, Manchester City will likely suffer. It’s a delicate balancing act for the world champions but one that must be solved this summer.

Finding support for Rodri was always going to be one of Manchester City’s major priorities this summer. But his recent comments show just how big a priority it is for the world champions.

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