Manchester City’s star striker feels at home at the club and is eager for next season

Manchester City’s star striker Erling Haaland feels at home at the champions. Also in a frightening thought for City’s rivals, their star striker is already looking forward to next season. The thought of a rested and refreshed Erling Haaland for next season is a frightening proposition for City’s opponents but an exciting one for everyone associated with the club.

In an interview with Flashscore, Erling Haaland’s agent Rafaela Pimenta was asked if City’s star striker could potentially see out his career at Manchester City. While Pimenta refused to answer that question Haaland’s agent did reaffirm Haaland’s commitment to the world champions. Pimenta explained: “I don’t know, but I think the Erling Haaland project will last over time, over the next few years. It will also depend on trends in football. In any case, one thing is certain today: Erling Haaland feels at home at Manchester City. He is 1000 per cent committed to the City project and is already looking forward to the new season with the club.

A well-rested Erling Haaland awaits City’s opponents in the 24/25 season.

The 23/24 season was another successful one for Erling Haaland. Despite missing two months of the season due to a foot injury he was once again City’s top scorer. He scored 38 goals in 45 appearances for the champions. He also picked up his second straight Premier League Golden Boot. While at times Haaland didn’t match the heights of his debut season he was still a key contributor in City’s successful 23/24 season. He will be hoping to once again be a key contributor for City next season.

As Rafaela Pimenta’s comments suggest Haaland is eager for the 24/25 season. With Norway not participating in this summer’s European Championships City’s star striker will be well-rested for next season. While it is disappointing for Haaland not to feature in the tournament it is a positive for Manchester City. It will give their number 9 time to rest and recuperate ahead of next season. With his batteries recharged Haaland should hit the ground running next season.

It is exciting news for everyone associated with Manchester City to hear that Erling Haaland is fully committed to the club. But that excitement level rises again given how eager he is for next season to begin. A rested and hungry Haaland is the ultimate weapon for Pep Guardiola’s side. It is one that very few of City’s rivals have and one that is a match-winner for the world champions. The 24/25 season can’t come quick enough for Haaland judging by Rafaela Pimenta’s comments.

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