Has Bernardo Silva dropped a clue on his future while discussing a Benfica prodigy?

The future of Bernardo Silva has the potential to define Manchester City’s transfer window. If he were to leave the champions would face a tough task in finding a replacement for the Portuguese international. He is one of City’s most important players and what he adds to Pep Guardiola’s squad is almost impossible to replace. But has Bernardo given a hint at what lies ahead for the midfielder this summer?

In an interview which was covered by Portuguese publication O Jogo the Manchester City midfielder was asked about what the future holds for Benfica prodigy João Neves. Bernardo Silva said: “I’d tell him to go to Manchester City. It’s not easy. He’s a player who, given his success last season, has many clubs wanting him. As a Portuguese and a player I like, I’d like to see him alongside me. But I want the best for him.”

Bernardo also said that Pep Guardiola wouldn’t need convincing of the qualities of João Neves. He added: “Guardiola? I don’t need to convince him. João Neves is already convincing because of the way he works and the energy he brings to the game. He won’t be a cheap player, it won’t be easy for many clubs to get in on the act. Let him make his decision, let it be what’s best for him. If he keeps up this energy, he has a very good future ahead of him.”

There are two key takeaways from Bernardo Silva’s interview.

There are two key points that can be taken away from Bernardo Silva’s interview. The first is the tantalising prospect of João Neves joining Manchester City. Manchester City are in the market for a midfielder who can provide cover and support and Neves does appear to be a player capable of filling the role. Given his age and potential the prospect of him joining Manchester City to be managed by Pep Guardiola and surrounded by players such as a Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva is a mouth watering proposition.

The other takeaway was Bernardo Silva’s quote of playing alongside João Neves at the world champions. Nathan Ridley has previously reported the Mirror that Bernardo had decided to leave City this summer. But his latest comments do suggest that he may stay at the club for next season. The only way Bernardo could play with Neves is if he remains at the club and João Neves joins Manchester City. That is stating the obvious but perhaps Bernardo Silva is set to remain as in important player for the world champions next season.

Bernardo Silva’s comments do give the impression that he will remain at City for next season. It would be a double boost for Manchester City if João Neves was to join him at the club this summer. There is a lot to play out before both possibilities to become reality but Bernardo’s comments do give the impression that he is set to stay at the club for next season.

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