Manchester City has made the exceptional appear normal as they prepare for the FA Cup final

Across the past few seasons, Manchester City has made a habit of making the exceptional appear normal. Such has been the level of success of Pep Guardiola’s side in recent seasons it is a bigger shock to see them miss a final than it is to see them play in the showpiece games.

But that doesn’t mean that the era of success that the world champions are currently in the midst of is boring or mundane. It is anything but. It takes a special group of players and staff led by a fantastic manager to keep returning for more silverware season after season. It is human nature to sit back and admire past achievements. But that isn’t allowed to happen at Manchester City. While they celebrate their remarkable achievements, they quickly move onto the next goal. That trait has been evident as they have now won an unprecedented four consecutive Premier League titles. Coupled with their treble success of last season and their FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup success this season, it shows that this Manchester City squad is still hungry for more success.

The next goal for Pep Guardiola’s squad has already appeared in view. They will take on Manchester United this Saturday in the FA Cup final. There is an opportunity for the FA Cup holders to win back-to-back FA Cups this weekend. That in itself would be a remarkable achievement. The fact that it is on offer after City has already achieved an unprecedented level of success this season just highlights how Manchester City has made the exceptional appear normal.

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Every Cup final is special. It doesn’t matter if it’s the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, Carabao Cup, or any other final. They are a chance to add more silverware and add another page to Pep Guardiola’s side’s remarkable legacy. Speaking with before Saturday’s FA Cup final City’s midfield general echoed that sentiment. Rodri also knows how tough finals are to win. He said: “Every final is special for a reason, and of course, when you win it, it’s special in it’s own way. Last season, Gundo scoring that early goal. It was a good way of starting a final. But we know how tough it was, 2-1, it was very close.

In recent seasons, Manchester City has made the exceptional appear normal. But what they’ve achieved is far from normal. It has been a remarkable run and one that will be remembered in time as one of the most dominant eras of success in English football. The FA Cup holders have another opportunity to claim more silverware against Manchester United on Saturday. It will be no easy task to overcome their fierce rivals. But if they do, they will add yet another remarkable achievement to their legacy.

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