Manchester City are right to play it safe in regards to a move for a West Ham star

A new report indicates that Manchester City won’t move for West Ham star Lucas Paqueta while he remains the subject of an ongoing betting investigation. The Brazilian international does seem to be an ideal candidate to fit into Pep Guardiola’s squad. However, City’s approach to a potential deal for the West Ham star does appear to be the right move for the world champions.

Mark Martson has reported for TBR Football that Manchester City have indicated to the representatives of Lucas Paqueta that they will move onto other transfer targets while the FA betting investigation into the West Ham star remains unresolved. It does appear to be the only move City can make given the current situation surrounding Paqueta.

Manchester City is right to look elsewhere if Lucas Paqueta’s case isn’t resolved.

Manchester City would be taking the right approach with moving on from signing Paqueta. It has been reported by Fabrizio Romano that Paqueta has an £85 million release clause in his current contract. That would represent a sizable investment from Manchester City to sign the West Ham star.

It is too big a risk to sanction a deal for the West Ham star with the threat of a sanction potentially hanging over Paqueta’s head. Newcastle United found this out this season when new signing Sandro Tonali was hit with a sizable ban. The Italian international has missed the majority of this season, which has been a blow to Eddie Howe’s side. The world champions wouldn’t want to find themselves in a similar situation if they did sign Paqueta.

There could, however, be an ending in sight to the betting investigation surrounding Lucas Paqueta. Damien Charles Lucas has reported for Hammers News that the FA has a week to charge Paqueta or drop the case. Lucas relayed information from West Ham board insider Sean Whetstone.

City’s potential move for West Ham star Lucas Paqueta remains in a holding pattern.

Based on all of the available information, City’s potential move for Lucas Paqueta remains in a holding pattern. Unless there is movement on the betting investigation into Paqueta then City is more likely to move onto other transfer targets. As a player the West Ham star appears ideally suited to life at the Etihad. But while the FA investigation continues on the changes of Paqueta landing at the Etihad appear slim.

It would be a shame not to see Paqueta play under Pep Guardiola. But circumstances out of Paqueta and Manchester City’s control are dictating whether or not the champions do move for the attacking midfielder.

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