A decision on Joao Cancelo’s future will be made at the end of the season but the decision seems obvious

Pep Guardiola has revealed that a decision on Joao Cancelo’s future at Manchester City will be made at the end of the season. Despite that being the case, it does appear that the decision will be an obvious one when it is reached.

Speaking during the embargoed section of his pre-game press conference yesterday, Pep Guardiola was asked about Joao Cancelo’s future with Manchester City. He offered a short response to the question. Guardiola answered: “At the end of the season…

Despite Pep Guardiola telling the media that a decision will be made on Cancelo’s future, it does appear to be an obvious decision. During the past two seasons, the full-back has been sent out on loan to Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

What appears to have spelt the end of Cancelo’s City career were comments he made about his exit from the club. The Portuguese international accused Manchester City of being ungrateful for his service to the club. In an interview with ABola newspaper, Cancelo said: “I think Man City were a bit ungrateful to me when they said that, because I was a very important player in the years I was there. I never failed in my commitment to the club, to the fans, and I always gave everything.

Joao Cancelo also took a parting shot at Pep Guardiola. He added: “People will only remember this because Mister Guardiola has much more strength than me when he says something, and I prefer to keep to myself. I prefer to know that I am telling the truth, I feel fulfilled with what I did. I am a transparent person, I never lie.

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Despite Pep Guardiola saying that a decision on Joao Cancelo’s future will come at the end of the season, it appears an obvious one to make. After his comments with Abola, there appears no way back to the Etihad for the full-back. Where he will end up during the summer transfer window seems a bigger question than whether he remains at Manchester City next season.

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