Pep Guardiola is right Manchester City’s success isn’t as easy as they make it seem

Pep Guardiola is right to say that Manchester City’s success isn’t as easy as they make it seem. Since taking over as manager from Manuel Pellegrini Guardiola has taken the club to new heights. They are the current Premier League, European and World champions two of those titles the club has never held before.

Such has been the level of dominance of Manchester City they have made the impossible seem simple. They stormed to the treble last season and at times they made it appear easy. City have backed that up this campaign by adding the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup to their trophy cabinet.

On top of that under Pep Guardiola City has won five of the past six Premier League titles, four Carabao Cups and two FA Cups. Such has been their dominance it has appeared to be easy for the treble winners. But in reality, it has been anything but simple. Manchester City’s success speaks volumes of their managers and players’ determination, will to win and consistency which are traits that separate them from their rivals.

Speaking in the embargoed section of his pre-game press conference Guardiola heaped praise on the mindset of his players. He praised their consistency over a long period to lead City to their success. He said: “Everything is so difficult in football. We do many things to try to win games for many years. What this group of players have done for many years, this season as well, is admirable. It’s hat’s off to my players because it’s unbelievable how they are so consistent and the way they take our opponents seriously.”

Guardiola was also quick to remind the media that his team’s success is anything but easy. He added: “We are admired. People who know football know how difficult it is to be there for six or seven years, every week in all competitions. I am going to tell you something – It looks easy but it’s not. Remember that sentence. It looks easy but it’s not.”

Manchester City’s success may appear easy as they rack up win after win year after year to achieve astounding feats. But as Pep Guardiola said it is anything but easy and they face a tough task again this season as they seek to defend their famous treble.

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