Manchester City are a successful club it’s time that fact was accepted not disputed

Manchester City are a successful club. That fact cannot be disputed. By every metric available City are a successful club. There can be no doubt of that. But despite this, their success is either downplayed or disputed which has been the case for the majority of their era of dominance in English football.

Manchester City are the dominant force in English football

As it stands currently Manchester City is the reigning Premier League and European champions. They are also the current FA Cup holders. On top of that, they’ve added the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup to that resume. They became the first club to simultaneously hold all 5 of those titles in December when they beat Fluminense in the FIFA Club World Cup final. The last 12 months have been a period of dominance for Pep Guardiola’s side. That list doesn’t include the rest of City’s triumphs since their famous FA Cup win over Stoke City in 2011. For over a decade now Manchester City have been the dominant force in English football. That fact cannot be disputed even if it isn’t well-liked.

On the pitch, Manchester City are a successful club. Their trophy cabinet is a testament to this fact. In the era from 2010 until now they sit head and shoulders above every other side in England. While that may not be popular in some quarters it is a fact.

There is however an elephant in the room which is used against Manchester City when their success becomes a topic of discussion.

The elephant in the room

The world champions are currently facing 115 charges for breaching the Premier League’s Financial Fairplay Rules. That case has rumbled on in the background as Manchester City have continued winning on the pitch. The case has become an elephant in the room when the success of Manchester City is mentioned.

City have already cleared their name when UEFA found the club guilty of breaching their FFP rules in February 2020. The world champions then took their case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) where UEFA’s guilty verdict was overturned. What has been overlooked in the verdict from CAS was that a number of UEFA’s allegations couldn’t be proven due to a lack of evidence. CAS found that there was a lack of evidence to show the collaboration of sponsors and City’s owners in plans to disguise funding. That was the key fact of UEFA’s case against Manchester City and it was ultimately proven at CAS that there was no evidence that it took place.

But despite CAS being clear in their judgement it is overlooked when City’s success is discussed. Yes, Manchester City were found guilty of and fined for a lack of cooperation with UEFA. The club maintained that they wanted their case held in front of an independent panel. The club ultimately got their wish and cleared their name at CAS.

If Manchester City are found guilty by the Premier League on 115 charges then their success will rightfully be questioned and derided. But if City do clear their name the elephant in the room should finally be put to rest. But given how Manchester City’s case has been covered some mud will no doubt stick to the club’s name.

Manchester City are a successful club it’s a fact even if it’s not a popular one

Manchester City are a successful club. There is no disputing that fact. They have dominated on the pitch to create history and off the pitch their infrastructure and set up is the envy of many other clubs. That is a testament to them being a successful club.

At some point in time, that fact should be accepted and not disputed at every turn. That time may not come until a resolution in the Premier League investigation into the club is finally concluded.

But while there is no verdict in the Premier League’s case against Manchester City they should be lauded for their dominance, they’ve earned that right on the pitch.

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  1. It is known in the world of politics. Destruction of the opponents (foes). The entrants in the circle of elites are always dismissed. Manchester City is a new comer, why should man city dictate the processings, be recognized? The old generation in soccer in general and particularly in Wngland they will not accept man city. They can’t beat man city on the turf, as they hold offices’ positions, then they want to destroy the fabulous work done on the pitch and the community. They should have heart even for the community that man city in catering for. Jealousy is vicious.

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