Manchester City is the perfect club for Pep Guardiola why would he leave?

Manchester City is the perfect club for Pep Guardiola. The way the club is structured and set up it is the perfect environment for the City manager to do what he does best which is win. During his spell at the club, he has taken the club to unprecedented heights. With this in mind, there doesn’t appear any chance of Guardiola leaving the club anytime soon.

After Jurgen Klopp’s shock announcement last week, there have been questions about Guardiola’s motivation with his greatest rival set to depart the Premier League at the end of the season. The Manchester City manager quickly put to bed that thought and raised the possibility of further extending his stay at the European champions.

Speaking in his pre-game press conference before tonight’s Premier League match with Guardiola further explained why Manchester City is the perfect club for him. He told the media he had everything he needed to do his job at City. He said: “I said many times, I have everything that a manager could dream of. I have everything. The hierarchy supports me, and have always. We change a lot of players in seven years, but all of them have been incredibly supportive, a good environment. So I have everything.”

Given Guardiola’s statement yesterday it doesn’t appear that his departure from Manchester City is on the horizon. There appears more chance of the City manager extending his stay at the world champions given his comments last week.

Manchester City have created the perfect environment for Pep Guardiola to thrive. With his genius, he has created history at the club and appears set to chase even more in the foreseeable future.

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