Simon Jordan’s claim that Manchester City are a manufactured club just highlights their stature

Manchester City is a manufactured club. That is today’s latest claim from talkSPORT host Simon Jordan. It also flies in the face of the club’s history and shows that putting the name of the European champions into a topic creates more interest and highlights the stature of the European champions.

The talkSPORT host made the claim while discussing Chelsea’s Carabao Cup semi-final first-leg loss to Middlesbrough. Jordan said that Manchester United losing games creates more attention than Chelsea. Jordan went onto to say that Chelsea and City are manufactured clubs and Manchester United are a bigger club than the pair hence the the size of the media reaction when United struggle. The discussion which aired on talkSPORT can be viewed below.

The tiresome claims that Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool or whoever else is a bigger club than Manchester City or Chelsea in this instance aren’t anything new. It’s a constant jab thrown at the world champions. It has been used ever since City began their rise to become the most dominant club in England and Europe.

Manchester City are living in their most dominant era

There’s value in a club’s history or stature, there’s no doubt about that. Manchester City have a rich history themselves which is often overlooked. But the treble winners are currently the most successful side in England for the past 15 years. So while certain clubs look back on bygone eras and laud them, Manchester City fans are currently living in the club’s most successful era. 2023 is proof of that. Pep Guardiola’s side won 5 major trophies in a calendar year which was a feat that hadn’t been completed before.

While others look back on the 80’s, 90’s or 2000’s as successful eras for their clubs and use it to claim a tie to being a historic or big club the current era is Manchester City’s. Some sections of the media look back on history and use it as a measuring stick while Pep Guardiola’s side is focused on creating history.

That’s the thing with history, today’s era will become tomorrow’s history. It’s the nature of sport and life. There may come a time in 2040 when Manchester City fans do the same as other clubs’ fans or the media and use the current era as a claim to be a big and historical club. But it hasn’t reached that point just yet.

Also for a club that ‘no one cares about’ the name of Manchester City seems to be thrown into topics for more reaction. That’s part of the territory for successful clubs. Simon Jordan’s claim today just adds another chapter to the ‘no one cares about City but they create attention’ chapter.


So while this club or that club may be ‘bigger’ than Manchester City or ‘no one cares about City’ the fact is the current era is Manchester City’s and in time history will show that. Also adding the world champions name to a discussion highlights the current stature of the world champions as evidenced by Jordan’s claim.

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  1. Simon Jordan is a hor$es ar$e and motor mouth attention seeker. It is not obvious to me why anyone would care a fig about his ‘manufactured for effect’, alleged opinions.

  2. His club Crystal Palace have made no significant contribution to football in it’s 100+ years of existence so you can understand why he is a bitter and twisted man pampering to what is nothing but a United radio station

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