Manchester City will not join Real Madrid and Barcelona’s desperate European Super League

Manchester City will not be joining the European Super League. The topic is back on the agenda after the European Court of Justice ruled that FIFA and UEFA had acted unlawfully in not allowing it’s member clubs to join the ESL in 2021.

Who would the new ESL actually serve?

Yesterday’s announcement backed by A22, Real Madrid and Barcelona only appears to only serve the two La Liga giants. Under the guise of protecting European football the Spanish giants announced the intention to form a new ESL. But it appears a financial motivated move by the La Liga clubs. The details of the new competition can be seen below courtesy of SkySports.

In recent years the Premier League has become a financial powerhouse. At risk of falling behind the English clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona have stayed the course with the ESL.

Barcelona have found themselves in a precarious financial situation. It would appear that their motives are financial in a bid to aid their balance sheet. Real Madrid appear to be attempting to take up a position at the top of European football. Their president Florentino Perez famously said back in 2021: “Maybe we have to remind UEFA who Real Madrid are.” It appears yesterday’s announcement was Madrid’s reminder to UEFA.

At some point a discussion needs to be had about FIFA and UEFA being the judge, jury and executioner in football matters. But a competition that serves to keep Real Madrid and Barcelona at the financial forefront of European football isn’t it.

Manchester City reject the ESL

The European champions released a statement via their official website overnight saying they fully supported UEFA. They also announced their intention to work with the ECA and continue in UEFA competitions.

Without Manchester City and the Premier League clubs any European Super League seems destined to fail. With clubs all over Europe rejecting the ESL idea it appears that A22, Real Madrid and Barcelona will have to go it alone to make their format work.


After fierce fan backlash in 2021 Manchester City and the English clubs have learnt the lessons from 2021. With the Premier League having introduced rules preventing member clubs joining the ESL there appears no way the newly announced ESL can take off.

No doubt a day will come when the ESL becomes a reality but a competition that only serves to keep Real Madrid and Barcelona financially relevant isn’t the way to go. Gladly Manchester City and clubs all over Europe and England have rejected the newly proposed European Super League.

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