Do we have the squad to see us through De Bruyne absence?

Following an injury picked up in the first game of the season at Turf Moor, Kevin De Bruyne will likely be out until 2024. reported on Pep Guardiola’s press conference earlier today, during which he confirmed:

“It’s a serious injury. 

“We have to decide on surgery but he will be a few months out.

“Surgery would be, I don’t know, three or four months out.”

With our main source of creativity out of action, who will pick up the slack in midfield?


While I have no doubt that he will develop further under Pep Guardiola, he is not notoriously known to be a creative powerhouse.

Can I see Kovacic making the kind of daring balls over the defence or the whipped balls past the keeper? That’s not to say he is not capable, perhaps his time at City could unlock a creative element to his game.


While Bernardo is capable of running rings around any opposition midfield, he does not have the range of passing required to fulfil De Bruyne’s role.

However, he has played in more creative positions in the past and not always been known as the “defensive attacker”.


Quite clearly, he has not yet been trusted by Pep. He does not have the qualities of KDB, nor the creativity. Though his introduction could allow other attackers to push forward.

Moreover, he has a creative pass in him, and has quite the passing range as displayed during is time at Leeds.


He will be KDB’s successor in years to come, in my opinion. Outside of the “Assist King” he is our most creative force.

He has the skill and plays well in between the lines. But his passing range from a deeper position could be well suited to Haaland.

However, he is still developing his positional sense and tempo control. Could this be a good opportunity to learn, or is it throwing him in the deep end?


He was once Aston Villa’s primary creative output. Whether he was on the wing or in a deeper role he had the ability to create something from nothing.

Pep Guardiola?

My money is on Pep being the one to solve the midfield gap – and no, I don’t mean a Scholes type return from retirement.

Pep is the most creative aspect of our squad. His ability to see the game in ways others don’t. Creative ways to combat challenges and solve problems.

Whatever the solution might be to a De Bruyne miss, Pep Guardiola is the man to figure it out.

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