Yokohama F. Marinos vs. Manchester City: second half match report

The second half between Yokohama F. Marinos and Manchester City following an exciting 2-2 first half.

Joao Cancelo returns for Manchester City. While the cavalry arrive with Dias, Laporte Rodri, Gomez, Haaland, Foden, Bobb, Lewis and Bernardo also coming on for the second half.

All ten outfield players have been replaced.

47′: City have the ball forward through Foden and Haaland but no real chances emerge.

49′: Bernardo breaks down the right and pulls it back to Foden in the middle of the box but it’s too high for him to control.

50′: Gomez takes it down the left and puts in a cross which is put out for a City corner.

51′: CHANCE! Chance for City as Oscar Bobb swings in a cross to the back post but Dias can’t convert the chance.

52′: GOAL! Haaland obviously. Foden with a lovely through ball to Haaland who slots it home.

Yokohama F. Marinos 2 – 3 Manchester City.

53′: CHANCE! Foden tries to slip it past the keeper but the chance is saved.

55′: Intervention from Laporte as Yokohama try their luck in the City area.

58′: Free-kick to City following a foul on Haaland.

60′: Yokohama try to apply some pressure to the Blues. The ball goes out for a City goal-kick.

63′: OFFSIDE! Bernardo and his new hair puts the ball through to Bobb who takes a great shot from the right side, but it’s saved.

64′: Cancelo takes a shot and wins a corner following a deflection.

66′: Gomez clips the ball into a deep to Bobb who is pushed out of the area, threads it to Cancelo who swings in a cross towards the back-post and wins another corner.

67′: A great run and control from Bobb who is tackled just before he takes his shot and wins another corner. It’s all City at the moment.

71′: GOAL! A Rodri Rocket. After a good few minutes of Manchester City possession, Rodri takes his trademark outside of the box shot.

Yokohama F. Marinos 2 – 4 Manchester City.

Before the kick-off, Yokohama make seven changes.

73′: Yokohama win a corner. Defended and cleared by Laporte.

74′: Bernardo Silva comes off, initially thought to be an injury until Pep Guardiola kicked him up the backside. Perrone replaces him.

78′: Laporte gives the ball away on the edge of the box which presents an opportunity for the opponents, however they do not cease the chance and the Blues are able to clear.

77′: Nothing of note. Just a shout out for Foden’s touch and turn. Beautiful.

78′: Yokohama long-ball which Ortega gets to first.

79′: City break following some lovely skill by Cancelo who looks like he has never been away. Foden drives forward with the ball and threads it through to Haaland who made a great run, but he runs out of space.

81′: A huge crowd of 61, 618 have come to see the Blues and their brother club Yokohama F. Marinos.

82′: Perrone showing Pep Guardiola what he’s got as he makes a great run into the box.

84′: Yokohama break down the right, well tracked by Lewis and the opposition have a corner. Cleared by Dias.

86′: GOAL! Yokohama score after an Ortega/Lewis boo boo. Ortega comes out into no mans land as a touch from Rico Lewis takes it away from the keeper.

Yokohama F. Marinos 3 – 4 Manchester City.

89′: Laporte chases the Yokohama break and intervenes with a sliding tackle which puts him at risk of injury. However, the attack is ruled offside regardless.

90′: Referee will add time on as both teams push for more goals.

92′: GOAL! Joao Cancelo curves a low-ball around to the back-post for Haaland to tap in his second.

Yokohama F. Marinos 3 – 5 Manchester City.

93′: Foden wins Manchester City a corner late in the game. An outswinger from Foden. Cleared as far as Perrone who knocks to to Cancelo. As the Portuguese blasts it way over, the referee blows the final whistle.

It’s great to see the Boys in Blue back in business. A much more controlled second half.

FULL-TIME: Yokohama F. Marinos 3 – 5 Manchester City.

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