As Manchester City prepare to for Sunday 115 has become the word of the week

Manchester City are currently continuing their preparations for Sunday’s clash with West Ham. A win would see the champions create history and win a fourth consecutive Premier League title. But as the build-up to Sunday continues, 115 has become the word of the week.

Manchester City’s ongoing Premier League case and charges have become the major topic of discussion this week. It tends to be the case when Pep Guardiola’s side gets close to achieving something unprecedented. So far this week, Richard Keys for Bein Sports, Jamie Carragher for the Telegraph, and Stan Collymore for have all shared their opinions on City’s ongoing case. They are just three examples of what has been prevalent in the build-up to the final day of the Premier League season.

Given the size and scope of City’s Premier League case, it will always be at the forefront of discussion. But until a verdict is reached in the ongoing case and the 115 charges are resolved, all that is being bandied about is opinions. Carragher and Keys are of the belief that Manchester City’s success comes with an asterisk. Stan Collymore believes the Premier League has ‘bottled’ the case against City. That’s their opinion, and they’re entitled to it. Carragher does go on to praise Manchester City and Pep Guardiola. He also appears to have a valid point that the Premier League’s case against Manchester City has taken too long to reach a conclusion. Though there are valid reasons for this delay given the size, scope, and complexities involved in the ongoing case.

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This weekend, we will see one of the most exciting Premier League title races reach its crescendo. Manchester City hold their title destiny in their own hands. Arsenal will be hoping to take advantage of any potential slip-up by the world champions. Sunday promises to be a riveting day of football at the Etihad Stadium and the Emirates Stadium. Unfortunately, as it stands currently legal matters are taking the attention away from matters on the pitch.

It is an unfortunate consequence of Manchester City’s Premier League case that 115 has become the word of the week rather than matters on the pitch. But it isn’t a complete surprise. It has become commonplace in recent years. 115 is the word of the week. It will likely continue to be the case until the matter is finally resolved.

The hope is that a resolution in City’s ongoing Premier League isn’t too far away, so matters on the pitch become the focus of attention. Given the dominance of Pep Guardiola’s squad and the amazing football they play, they deserve to receive their flowers. Hopefully, when the 115 matter is finally resolved, they can get the recognition they truly deserve. Their superhuman efforts deserve that rather than being the subject of scrutiny and speculation every time they near a monumental achievement.

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