It is clear that Manchester City’s midfield lynchpin needs a rest

It has become apparent that Manchester City’s midfield lynchpin Rodri needs a rest. During his team’s past two games, it has appeared that the Spanish international has become fatigued due to his heavy workload. It may become imperative for Manchester City and Pep Guardiola that he is given a rest at some point during the final stages of the season. Their treble defence may depend on it.

During last Saturday’s win over Crystal Palace and during City’s 3-all draw with Real Madrid last night, it appeared that all of the football Rodri has played during the past two seasons is catching up to him. Across the past two seasons, he has been a constant for Pep Guardiola and Manchester City. He is also one of Spain’s most important players. All of this combines to mean the opportunities for City’s midfield lynchpin to rest are minimal.

It may become a case of the greater good for Manchester City and Rodri. His importance to the European champions is well documented. Without him, City isn’t the same all conquering side. Rodri’s unbeaten streak sits at a staggering 66 games. It speaks volumes of his importance to both club and country. All three of the champions’ losses in the Premier League have come when Rodri has been unavailable. But based on his last two displays, he is in desperate need of a rest.

When Rodri can get that rest becomes the issue. Given what’s at stake in every game over the final stages of the season, there is an argument that he has to play every game. But that doesn’t appear to be a viable option. The performances of City’s midfield lynchpin border on the super human at times, but he isn’t a machine. For Manchester City to attempt to defend their treble, he appears to need a rest to recharge his batteries.

This weekend’s game against Luton Town or the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea could possibly be the only two chances for Rodri to have a much needed break. While every game is important during the final stages of the season, Rodri’s condition is just as important as the world champions seek more glory this season.

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