Ruben Dias emphatically answers what Manchester City’s treble means to the fans and the club

Manchester City’s defensive leader Ruben Dias has had an emphatic response to comments made by Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold earlier this week. City striker Erling Haaland has already responded to the England international’s comments about the success of Manchester City and Liverpool.

This time it was the turn of City’s defensive leader to issue his rebuttal to Alexander-Arnold’s recent comments in Four Four Two magazine. The England international said: “It’s tough. We’re up against a machine that’s built to win – that’s the simplest way to describe City and their organisation. Looking back on this era, although they’ve won more titles than us and have probably been more successful, our trophies will mean more to us and our fanbase because of the situations at both clubs, financially. How both clubs have built their teams and the manner in which we’ve done it, probably means more to our fans.

Speaking with BBC Sport Manchester Ruben Dias had an emphatic response to Trent Alexander-Arnold’s comments. The Portuguese international said: “You can only have certain emotions if you actually win stuff; a treble is a feeling that you can only know how it feels when you actually do it.”

Dias added that Manchester City only focus on their success and not on what other clubs achieve. He added: “We know what we’ve conquered, we know what we’re going for, and what’s to come. We don’t do it for anyone else, we do it for ourselves. Other people’s success is deserved for their own achievements. What we focus is on ourselves… and that’s the way to be big, to be a big club – not trying to comment on other people’s success or lack of success, and trying to make it bigger or smaller depending on how convenient it is for you.”

It appears the fuse has been lit for Sunday’s massive fixture

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s comments appear to have lit the fuse ahead of Sunday’s massive fixture at Anfield. The anticipation was already high ahead of Sunday’s meeting between the two teams. With Erling Haaland and Ruben Dias now having issued their response to the full-back’s comments it has now added another layer of intrigue to the build-up to Sunday’s match.

On a side note only Manchester City players, staff and fans know what their team’s unparalleled era of success means to them. The same rings true for Liverpool with the trophies won during Jurgen Klopp’s spell at Anfield. Each team has secured their place in history. Their triumphs can’t be taken away despite how one side feels about the other.

The scene has been set for Sunday’s massive fixture. Kick-off can’t come soon enough given the recent comments from players on both sides.

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  1. hahaha, man city players perceive themselves as a big club. Achieving success through questionable means isn’t genuine success. Sucking on the oily pipe of UAE sugar daddies will taint the sweetness of trophies won.

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