Manchester City have their eye on a FC Porto star who could be an ideal signing

Manchester City reportedly have their eye on FC Porto star midfielder Alan Varela. With Kalvin Phillips seemingly out of favour at City the world champions do appear in need of some help for Rodri in midfield. City’s midfield lynchpin shoulders a heavy workload for Pep Guardiola. Rodri to his credit never lets his team but the City squad does appear in need of someone who can assist the Spanish international. A recent report has indicated that City are keeping close tabs on an FC Porto star.

Mais Futebol reports that Manchester City have had scouts present at FC Porto’s recent games to keep tabs on Alan Varela. Furthermore, they report that Varela was highly rated by Manchester City when he was playing at Boca Juniors. Mais Futebol additionally reports that no negotiations have begun with the player or FC Porto have begun over a potential move for the Argentinian midfielder. They add that as it stands Manchester City is in a profile evaluation process ahead of any potential move for the midfielder.

Could Alan Varela slot into the  Manchester City squad?

Playing primarily as a defensive midfielder Varela has shone this season for FC Porto. He has exceptional talent in the passing game. Varela has an 89% passing completion rate according to which is exceptional for a defensive midfielder. This attribute would be a welcome addition to Pep Guardiola’s squad. The FC Porto star also does his job defensively in midfield. He wins 60.9% of his tackles as also reported by He also excels with his interceptions in midfield which shows his ability to read the game. His full stats paint a picture of a player potentially well-suited to life at the Etihad.

Age is also on Alan Varela’s side. Being only 22 years of age the Argentinian midfielder has his best football ahead of him. The thought of Varela developing his game under Pep Guardiola is a tantalising prospect given his immense talent that has already been on display at FC Porto.

As a player, Alan Varela ticks every box that could potentially see him slot into the world champions squad. With Manchester City reportedly keeping close tabs on the midfielder it could become a story to watch for this summer if City decide to reinforce their midfield.

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