The noise around Manchester City just adds fuel to their fire

Manchester City are finding motivation from the doubters as they seek to defend the treble they won last season. After such a historical achievement last campaign, Pep Guardiola’s squad is using the noise from any doubters in Manchester City to fuel their drive for this season. They have won 9 consecutive games in all competitions and they are looking in ominous form.

In an interview published by Manchester Evening News Ruben Dias explained how the noise around the club is used as motivation for Pep Guardiola’s squad. He explained: “People love to talk and the more you win, the more successful you are as a team and an individual, the more people want to take you down. Please make noise around us because it will just make it bigger every time we win again. That’s purely how I take it. There has been a noise before and people love the scenario of us not making it but we love doing it.”

Motivation can come in many forms for elite athletes. In City’s case, the noise from outside the club is being used to fuel their chase for history. The fact they are also chasing a fourth consecutive Premier League title is another source of motivation for the Manchester City squad. It is a feat that hasn’t been achieved in Premier League history. If Pep Guardiola’s squad can achieve it it will secure their place in the history books.

The world champions are also bidding to defend the treble they famously won last season. If the treble can be repeated it would arguably represent the biggest achievement in City’s reign of dominance.

With their chase for history and outside noise fueling the City squad, there is no telling what they could achieve come season’s end.

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