(Video) Paul Merson makes claim about Man City’s new signing

Paul Merson is at it again, City fans will not be surprised to hear.

The man who has time and time again made claims about Manchester City players that have been proven so wrong.

This time on Sky Sports he targets new Manchester City signing, Matheus Nunes:

See below for some outrageous Merson quotes.

Blues will argue that Pundits, Reporters and the Media have spewed some odd takes since Man City’s rise. However, this man takes it to a new level and ends up red-faced.

In his piece for the Daily Star in 2015 he claimed:

“Manchester City paying so much money for Kevin De Bruyne is an absolute joke.

“He’ll be on the bench at City for a start, because you can’t change a winning team. Who does he get in ahead of? No-one. They’re all playing too well.”

This is not the first booboo he has made when it comes to City players:

He described Yaya Toure as an “average” player.

On Treble Winner and two time consecutive Premier League winner, Jack Grealish. For Sky Sports he said:

“I don’t think he’s going to get used to doing it. I think they might sell him, I might be wrong. Maybe not this summer, but is the lad enjoying it? You’ve got to ask him.”

Will Merson be finally right about one of ours?

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