Twenty years of Manchester City memories at the Etihad

Manchester City have now called the Etihad Stadium home for twenty special years. Only those that once called Maine Road home are old enough to remember an era where all the Blues have achieved was but a dream.

While some miss our old home, the memories and history experienced at the Etihad Stadium are undeniably some of the greatest.

Maine Road saw us make memories in ways that other fans could not comprehend. However, not many could have imagined the journey we would embark on at our new home twenty years ago.

The sun began to set on Stretford, as the blue moon rose beyond belief across the City. And the noisy neighbours became the inevitable neighbours.

Shadows were cast over Trafford and the once untameable beast could only dwell in the damp darkness. While the club in Manchester lit up the town in glorious light.

We have seen a lot at The Etihad; seen almost everything a football fan dreams of.

There has been heartbreak, sorrow and loss both on and off the pitch. Yet our legends like Colin Bell were able to witness the immeasurable pride in battle, as they once gave us at our old home.

And the Blues come together, stand together, side by side in all the times of hurt.

We do the same in times of elation; and we call it the Poznan.

All of it. The success of seasons past to our latest treble winning season. But successes in the way we are together as Blues, raising £10k for local Manchester Foodbank or remembering our fallen Blue family.

The heart stopping moments of Champions League football and the fans joining their Boys in Blue in battle.

Or the gut wrenching decisions that go against us or adversity, when it feels that all hope is lost. That is until we look to the Blue standing beside us with an eye roll and laugh about “typical City”.

And the breath-taking moments of bouncing back when the game gets tough. Knowing that no matter what, with this club anything is possible.

New heroes and legends come along and win our hearts and live our spirit. Despite knowing that one day, they won’t be here anymore but they will always be part of the City family.

Even though the generations of Maine Road and The Etihad Stadium may be separated by age and experiences. They will always share a love of the same club that we call home.

Our escape. Our joy. And our dreams.

With twenty years of the Etihad, as we celebrate all we have seen there, all we have achieved there.

I say, we celebrate the fans there each week. Those who fill the (empty) seats. The ones that sing at the top of their lungs. The times we have lifted the players to exceptional heights.

Celebrate each other. Celebrate it all.

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