Make way for “El Wey” Manchester City, there’s a new star on the block

Manchester City players replaced with new star.

Phil Fodens son Ronnie has been making waves  following this seasons title celebrations.

As a result of his kiddie antics he has been honoured the nickname “El Wey” meaning “The Dude” in Spanish.

His popularity has risen significantly in recent weeks. With social media wrapped around his finger.

Mini Foden is often seen around the club with the team, appearing on “Inside City” delivering wholesome, family orientated content.

Phil Foden is aware of the new nickname for his son, posting it on an Instagram Story.

The team and their families celebrated in style after winning the treble.

Ronnie shouts to Rico Lewis during an Instagram Story, “send that to my dad”.

Watch the clip to see some of his best moments in the past few weeks.

Video source: SPORTS EXTRA, YouTube.

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