Manchester City fans arrive in Istanbul

Manchester City fans have begun to arrive in Istanbul en masse.

On the same day Manchester City’s squad departed Manchester for Istanbul, City fans also began arriving in Istanbul and were in a jovial mood ahead of Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final.

City fans were seen partying throughout Istanbul during the night, setting the scene for the party like atmosphere in Istanbul that lays ahead in the coming days.

With more fans arriving in Istanbul today for Saturday’s final, the fans have responded to captain Ilkay Gundogan’s call earlier in the week that the team needed the fans.

Gundogan heaped praise on the City support at Wembley in the FA Cup Final triumph over Manchester City adding:

“Our fans were amazing from start to finish. Hearing them sing Blue Moon in the tunnel, the deafening atmosphere as walked out onto the pitch to a sea of blue, the Poznan as we waited for the match to start on the pitch, it was incredible and, in my opinion, helped us score after 13 seconds.”

There was never a doubt City fans would flock in droves to Istanbul. Having followed the team throughout the lower leagues in the late 90’s in record numbers, a Champions League Final is a formality to attend for the passionate City supporters.

City fans will do their part in the stands come Saturday night, hopefully pushing the team onto one final massive Champions League performance this season.

The atmosphere in Istanbul will be rocking throughout Friday and again on Saturday for the final itself.

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