Erling Haaland ready for Champions League Final

Erling Haaland is ready for the Champions League Final. Haaland appeared in a determined mood at Tuesday’s press conference.

Speaking to the media at Manchester City’s open day ahead of Saturday’s showpiece final, Haaland appeared ready for what’s ahead this week and on Saturday night.

When asked if he felt any extra responsibility to put away the chances Manchester City create Haaland replied: “Of course I feel responsibility, but I’m confident that we are a really good team.

“We have to perform at our best to be able to do this. We have one game left to create big history. I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

Haaland was then asked if playing in and winning the Champions League was why he signed with Manchester City, and if he pays attention to his goals to game ratio.

He answered: “Yeah everybody knows they have won every trophy except the Champions League without me. So that’s a big part of why I came here.”

On his goals to games ratio, Haaland added: “No I don’t look a lot on that. I knew how many goals I’ve been scoring and how many games I’ve played. That’s not something I think about now. What I think about is that we won the Premier League, we won the FA Cup now we’re in the final of the Champions League. Thats really the only thing I care about.”

He was also asked by the media about his current form, which has seen him only score once in his last 7 games.

He hit back: “I just said 52 goals in 52 games. You can think of it in both ways. One goal in 7 yeah you can think about that. I don’t really think of that. You can think of goals and assists as well into that, I don’t really care.”

Erling Haaland appears in a determined mood heading into the Champions League Final. This is welcome news for Manchester City fans, as the build up to the Champions League Final continues.

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